Diesel Defence Systems

Application: Data CentreLocation: UK

Fuel Testing and Polishing

IPU were called in the investigate issues related to fuel at a site for a critical data storage centre in a secure location.

IPU Group established that the site had had a critical failure on their generators. A high water table in the area and heavy rains meant the manhole of the underground tank had filled with water.

IPU Group performed a series of specialised tests; it was evident high volumes of groundwater had entered the tank and the facility now posed a potential environmental risk, with diesel fuel visibly in the manhole.

The IPU Testing service diagnosed the problem and was able to provided key tests to diagnose the exact contaminants and the level of contamination inside the stored fuel. IPU provided tests such as groundwater samples at critical points; these tests can be vital in areas where the surrounding environment may be effected.

An IPU Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing system has now been installed to constantly filter the stored fuel, ensuring it is free from water and other forms of contamination.

Prevention is always better than a cure. IPU strongly recommend a comprehensive fuel management programme to be in place with any company that relies on stored fuel.

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