Meet IPU at Middle East Electricity – 1-3 March 2016

February 19th, 2016

There are just a few weeks until the opening of the 41st Middle East Electricity (MEE) and IPU will be there to showcase our Engine Control, Fuel Conditioning and Oil Conditioning products. The exhibition is one of the largest meeting places for energy industry professionals and we would like to invite you to meet us on our stand.

Between the 1st-3rd March at the Dubai World Trade Centre, IPU will be showcasing:


Software (E/COM, E/LOG/ O/LAB) – IPU’s intelligent software solutions enable engineers and fleet managers to remotely capture and monitor engine data on the move or from the office. This enables organisations to optimise equipment usage, running times and remotely diagnose any problems.

GAC Engine Control products – IPU are distributors of Governors America Corp (GAC) products. GAC provide engine control solutions to customers in some of the world’s harshest environments. The range includes electronic governing and fuel control systems for generator sets, material handling, mining, locomotive and off-highway applications.


Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing – IPU Diesel Defence fuel polishing systems preserve the quality of stored diesel fuel for critical applications such as standby generators and fire pumps. Through a process of circulation and filtration the on-tank and mobile polishing units keep fuel clean and dry.

ClearTank Fuel Cleaning – Cleaning is an essential part any fuel conditioning programme. IPU’s ClearTank cleans your stored fuel without requiring diesel uplift and without requiring man-entry into dangerous environments.

DieselCheck Fuel Testing – IPU’s Fuel Test Kit and particulate counter can detect water, microbial and particulate contamination before it reaches dangerous levels.

Fuel Stabilisation – IPU’s fuel stabilisation products enhance the performance of the Diesel Defence systems by isolating water at a molecular level. This prevents it forming clusters that could harm an engine and stops bacteria from feeding on the water and causing microbial contamination.


OilAlert Oil Condition Sensor – This real-time monitoring sensor provides live data of lubricant quality in vehicles, gensets, turbines and many other types of mechanical devices.

OilLife Bypass Oil Filter System– OilLife is a kidney loop filtration system that when installed in parallel with existing filtration can extend oil life by up to four times. The system uses the dual action of filtration, to remove particles from oil (down to 1 micron), and evaporation, to remove damaging gases and liquids from oil. This improves the overall oil condition and prevents further oil contamination.

E/Log Software – E/Log allows the remote monitoring and tracking of a whole series of engine parameters. When used with an oil condition sensor, E/Log gives you live, minute by minute, measurements of lubrication oil contamination and spoilage.

O/Lab Software – O/Lab analyses the trends in oil test data and scientifically matches them against known engine or transmission wear patterns. Any potential issues are then reported in the diagnostic section. Engineers then have the opportunity to view this data and identify the correct remedial action or repairs.

If you haven’t already registered for your tickets to MEE 2016 click here to book your tickets today.

We look forward to seeing you in Dubai on stand S1J30 in Sheikh Saeed Hall 1.

Middle East Electricity Floorplan

Middle East Electricity

Find IPU on the above stand.

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