Where would Christmas be without IPU?

December 11th, 2015

Everyone at IPU hopes that Santa brings you all the presents you want on Christmas morning. We know he’ll be out on his sleigh through the wee, small hours delivering presents all around the world.

If it hadn’t been for IPU, it might have been very different…

Shoddy maintenance by his elves (always downing tools and moaning about elf & safety – sorry), meant that his facilities at the North Pole were falling apart.

This is when IPU stepped in:

    • Andy Whitehouse’s Fuel Conditioning team installed a polishing unit to stop cold diesel clogging the sleigh’s engine (the reindeer quit in 2010, complaining that Christmas was only meant to be twelve days long)
    • Dave Caddick’s Engine Starting team fitted a new spring starter to the sleigh so the engine starts just as well at the frozen Pole as it does in the balmy Bahamas
    • Doug Campbell’s Oil Conditioning team fitted an OilAlert system to the wrapping machine so it kept running all through the peak weeks
    • Clive Carter’s Groundcare team added a snow blade to Santa’s mowers so the elves could clear the runway
    • And Andy Whitehouse’s Single Sourcing team installed a coolant heater to the sleigh’s engine so it fired up at full power wherever Santa was

Where would Christmas be without IPU?

IPU’s Christmas closing times

And after that little bit of frivolity, here’s the serious bit. Santa may be working throughout Christmas but I’m afraid we’re taking some time off. IPU will close for Christmas from Wednesday 23rd December at 5 p.m. and we’ll reopen at 8 a.m. on Monday 4th January 2016, ready and raring for the new year!

Merry Christmas!

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