Diesel Defence DC70 Fuel Cleaning Buggy

Standby gensets have a low workload. The fuel in their day tanks can be stored for months or even years. Such conditions encourage fuel contamination and threaten the reliability of the genset. The DC70 Cleaning Buggy is an economical way to tackle contamination in smaller tanks. It can be wheeled between locations, keeping smaller fuel stores as clean and dry as the bulk tanks that feed them.

The DC70 is a self-contained unit that only needs a connection to a mains power supply. Its simple control panel is designed to be operated by general maintenance staff and does not require specialist knowledge.

Key advantages of the Diesel Defence DC70 fuel cleaning buggy

  • Remove water contamination: advanced coalescing filters remove the free and emulsified water which can damage engine injectors.
  • Multi-stage filtration: remove solid and microbial contamination to 1 micron or less.
  • Reliable fuel quality: fuel is maintained to surpass ISO 4406’s 18/16/13 standard of cleanliness and EN590’s 200ppm level of water content.


Features of the Diesel Defence DC70 fuel cleaning buggy

Standard Features:

  • Water bypass to remove bulk water from fuel tanks (bypasses all filters).
  • 7″ bag filter for bulk filtration of dirty fuel.
  • Water absorption filtration (with bypass connection).
  • Design for unattended operation:
    • Bund flooded shut off.
    • Filter blocked shut off.
    • Timed on/off 7-day cycles.
  • Dry break QRC couplings.
  • Inline flow meter.

Optional Features:

  • Particle counter:
    • Instant readout of particle counts.
    • Cleanliness codes displayed in NAS 1638, ISO 4406 and SAE A5 4059.
    • Trending software to log and display fuel cleanliness over time.


Specifications of the Diesel Defence DC70 fuel cleaning buggy

Voltage 110, 230
Frequency 50Hz
Maximum variations Voltage: +/- 5% of the nominal value Frequency: +/-2% of the nominal value
Nominal wattage 1kW
Motor protection Thermal overload protection
Flow rate 70 litres per minute
Suction lift 2.5 metres
System pressure Up to 2 bar
Particulate 1, 5, 20 micron filters available
Water Dual element water absorption
Environmental & Physical
Noise Under normal working conditions the noise level does not exceed 70dB(A) at a distance of 1 meter from the electric pump.
Weight 165 kg
Dimensions H: 1,180 mm

W: 780 mm

D: 670 mm

Pipework 1″ pipework with 1″ ISO B QRC inlet and outlet ports
Permitted Use
Diesel fuel viscosity 2 to 5.35 centistokes @ 37.8°C
Minimum flash point (Pensky-Martens) 55°C
“High-Ambient” Model
Power supply Single Phase 220V
Frequency 60Hz
All other features are the same as the standard model.