Diesel Defence DD50 Fuel Polishing System

Diesel Defence on-tank fuel polishing systems offer a simple and reliable solution for maintaining diesel to EN590 standards. Through a process of recirculation fuel is continually passed through a series of filters, removing the harmful contaminants and maintaining an optimum EN590 level of cleanliness.

With a flow rate of 50 litres per minute, the DD50 is recommended for tanks holding between 7,500 and 40,000 litres of fuel (dependent upon tank and fuel condition).

Key advantages of the Diesel Defence DD50 fuel polisher

  • Removes water – Advanced water absorbing filters remove virtually all free and emulsified water which can damage engine injectors.
  • Removes bacteria and solid particulates – Single and multi-stage filtration removes solid and microbial contamination to 5 microns or less.
  • Reliable fuel quality – Fuel is maintained to surpass ISO 4406’s 18/16/13 standard of cleanliness and EN590’s 200ppm level of water content.


Features of the Diesel Defence DD50 fuel polisher

Standard Features:

  • Password-protected touch-screen controller.
  • Connection to Building Management System.
  • Particulate filter – 1, 5, 10 or 25 µm.
  • Finishing filter – as standard this is fitted with a water absorbing filter.
  • Fuel isolation solenoid valves.
  • Filter blocked/change alarm warning.
  • Water drain alarm warning.
  • Schneider controls.

Optional Features:

  • Vented Enclosure (with extractor fan).
  • External Alarm Beacon.
  • ISO Particle Counter.
  • Stainless steel enclosure.
  • Water coalescing filter (instead of standard water absorbing filter).


Specifications of the Diesel Defence DD50 fuel polisher

Performance and Features
Flow rate (litres per minute) 50
Suggested tank size (litres) 7,500 – 40,000
Voltage (volts) 110, 230 (nominal voltage)
Frequency (hertz) 50, 60 (nominal frequency)
Max. Variations Voltage: +/- 5%

Frequency: +/- 2% of nominal value

Nominal Motor Wattage 230V/50Hz/60Hz = 370W 110V/50Hz = 500W 110V/60Hz = 700W
Nominal Motor Current (Amp) 230V/50Hz/60Hz = 2.2

110V/50Hz = 5.5

110V/60Hz = 7.5

7-day timer Yes
IP Rating of enclosure 65 (internal) / 55 (external)
Filter change alarm Yes
Water in fuel alarm Yes
Fuel bund alarm Yes
Low flow rate alarm Yes
E-stop alarm Yes
Particulate filter (µm) 1, 5, 10, 25
Finishing filter (µm) 1, 5, 10, 25
ISO particle counter No
Alarm beacon Optional
Touch screen controller Yes
Dimensions 1500mm(h) x 1000mm(w) x 400mm(d)