Diesel Defence Mobile Fuel Polishing Systems

Fuel polishing buggies provide an economical way to maintain the fuel in small tanks as effectively as the fuel stored in larger bulk tanks.

IPU’s Diesel Defence fuel polishing buggies preserve the quality of diesel fuel stored in smaller tanks (2,500 litres or less), bowsers and drums. Power and plant rental businesses, freight, transport companies and farms all need mobile systems to economically clean tanks in different locations.

Like our on-tank Diesel Defence units, our fuel polishing buggies attack the root cause of diesel contamination not just its symptoms.

Why is fuel polishing better than filtration?

Diesel contamination has many causes. Filtration systems only clean fuel as it passes from your storage tanks to your generators. They remove debris but do nothing to clear the problems that created the debris. They can, for example, remove microbial growth (a.k.a. the diesel bug) before it damages your engines and generators but they can’t remove the water in the storage tank that allowed the diesel bug to grow. Unless the problem is treated at the tank, filtration systems will be under a constant threat of being overwhelmed.

IPU’s fuel polishing buggies work at the tank, removing microbial growth, water and particulate contaminants such as dirt, soot and rust.

The buggies excel at polishing fuel as it is transferred into your storage tanks. By removing contaminants and water before reaches your tanks you can be sure than clean tanks stay clean and fuel quality stays high.

By circulating the fuel in the storage tank up to seven times, the buggy eradicates contaminants more thoroughly than a single-pass filtration system can hope to.

Circulation prevents pockets of dirty fuel or water collecting in stagnant parts of your tanks and is a critical part of any fuel cleaning process.


What is the difference between the different models of fuel polishing buggy?

  Fuel Polishing Buggy 500 Fuel Polishing Buggy
Flow rate (l/m)



Voltage (v)

110, 240

110, 240

Standard Filter (µm)



Optional Filter (µm)

2, 10, 30

1, 5, 10, 25

Weight (kg)


Dimensions (mm)

1120(h) x 480(w) x 620(d)

1300(h) x 600(w) x 490(d)

Fuel polishing buggies protect mobile gensets, pumps and plant from the damage caused by contaminated fuel. They economically preserve the reliability and longevity of expensive equipment.


Fuel polishing system benefits

  • Portable lightweight system allowing for easy transportation.
  • Removes water, particulate and microbial contaminants as small as 2µm.
  • Reduction in downtime and associated call-out charges.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Operate without taking the fuel off-site.