• What is diesel contamination?

    The idea that diesel goes off is hard to understand. Contamination never used to be a serious problem. But since diesel was quietly replaced by a biodiesel blend it has become an issue. Understanding the problem helps to clarify its impact on you.

    The key points about diesel contamination
  • Fuel quality is as vital as quantity

    Contaminated fuel clogs filters, damages engines and stops gen-sets when you need them most. You regularly monitor how much fuel your backup gen-sets have. How often do you check its quality? You need IPU's DieselCheck service.

    Find out more about diesel testing
  • Your diesel is under attack

    Your diesel can come under attack from 3 main types of contamination: water, diesel bug and particulates. Watch our short animation to learn how dirty fuel can spell disaster.

    Watch the animation
  • IPU Fuel Conditioning Programme
    The solution to protecting your fuel

    You know your diesel is constantly under attack from contamination. This short animation explains IPU's comprehensive four step fuel conditioning process. You'll discover we do more than just clean fuel - we open the door to reliable power.

    Take me to the video
  • Datacentres need reliable fuel

    You go to extraordinary lengths to ensure your datacentre's backup power supply is robust. But how often do you check the fuel that feeds it? IPU makes sure your backup gen-sets have the clean, dry fuel they need.

    Your simple route to clean fuel
  • A fuel health-check for hospitals

    Reliable power is critical to hospitals and surgeries. If mains power fails your backup gen-sets will only work if their fuel is clean. Take the simple steps you need to follow to make sure your power supply is 100% reliable.

    Simple guidance for hospitals and surgeries
  • Fire pumps need clean fuel

    Fire pumps save lives and preserve facilities after fire has knocked out a site's main electricity supply. But they only work if their fuel is kept clean. Take the simple steps necessary to stop dirty fuel crippling your emergency systems.

    How fuel contamination affects fire pumps
  • Did you fail a fuel test?

    A failed test is not the end of the world. It's just a warning that you need to take action. IPU's ClearTank service removes all forms of contamination from your diesel. It's unobtrusive, economical and simple.

    ClearTank: the simple diesel cleaning service
  • Clean your fuel at a molecular level

    IPU's ADV Regulator and ADV Predator kill contamination at a molecular level, removing microbes before they have a chance to grow. By stabilising your fuel, these additives complement ClearTank and DieselDefence for total fuel protection and security.

    The role of fuel additives
  • Number 1 for fuel conditioning

    IPU is the UK's premier provider of fuel conditioning solutions. Through our programmes we provide all the functions you need from a single source: testing, cleaning, polishing and stabilising.

    Forget the rest, speak to the best

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